At the end of 2013 we were awarded the prestigious IDEAS Label (Institut du Développement de l’Ethique et de l’Action pour la Solidarité – Institute for the Development of Ethics and Action for Solidarity).

The IDEAS Label is a rigorous certification process intended to inform and reassure donors regarding a charitable organization’s governance, financial management, and monitoring and evaluation practices.




Children of Asia, for the sake of transparency, defines and implements its fundraising strategy internally, including our appeals for donations and our relationship with donors. We have committed to maintaining the privacy of our donors; no contact information will be released without prior consent. Donations and sponsorships are processed through our headquarters in Paris.




An auditor certifies that our annual accounts are compliant, sincere, and provide an accurate representation of the organization’s financial situation. The auditor also verifies that the funds are used in accordance with the organization’s objectives. Compliance is determined with respect to rules of procedure currently enforced. Children of Asia was controlled by the auditor with regard to its general management and it was concluded that its resources are being used appropriately. “The funds collected are being used in conformity with the donors’ intentions.” (July 2008).




Company donations to Children of Asia qualify for a tax deduction (article 238 bis of the General Tax Code)

Example for a 1,000€ donation

Donation paid to Children of Asia

Cost of donation after tax deduction

Your tax deduction

Donations from companies subject to income taxes or business taxes qualify for a 60% tax reduction, with a limit of 0.5% of their total revenues.

Once this limit has been reached during the fiscal year, this reduction can be used for the next five fiscal years following the donation, after the donations for each of these years has been taken into account and so long as the 0.5% limit hasn’t been reached.




You will receive a tax receipt once a year. To benefit from a tax reduction, you will need to include it with your tax declaration. If you declare your taxes online, you do not need to send proof, but you will need to keep your receipt in case the tax office requests it.