By sponsoring children, you help them change their life and build their future by getting access to education. 

Sponsorship is a sustainable solidarity gesture. It provides disadvantaged children with the support to start a healthy and successful life. Sponsors’ help ensures their basic needs while respecting their culture, their environment and lifestyle: nutrition, shelter, medical monitoring and prevention, education, vocational training, as well as emotional care.

Although the sponsorship is not a formal commitment, the sponsor usually supports the child until he becomes financially independent and a responsible adult. Every sponsor gets information on the child or student he decides to sponsor. We send information on his situation and his family background and we regularly keep the sponsor updated on the child’s evolution and progress. This is why our sponsors and children often develop through the years a very close relationship, thanks to the regular exchanges of letters, drawings and pictures.

However, even though sponsorship is a moral commitment, it does not give the sponsor any rights on the children he decided to sponsor. To this end, a sponsorship guide including an ethics and behavior code is given to every new sponsor who decides to sponsor a child.

What does a sponsorship cost?

Sponsorship for 1 child: 33 € per month 

Sponsorship for a student: 55 € per month

In addition to this monthly help, once a year, we offer sponsors the opportunity to choose a gift for the children they decided to sponsor. We send you a form where you can choose within a wide range of activities and games suggested by the local team which understands and knows the specific needs of the children. You may also decide to give the child you sponsor some pocket money or offer him small gifts on special occasions such as birthdays, exams passed…

Please note that, occasionally, additional help might be necessary. For example, in some countries the children may need to attend some additional tuitions in order to catch up and succeed in school (in this specific case, amounts depend on the country).