Founded in 1991, Children of Asia aims to help disadvantaged children in South-East Asia build their futures. The organization operates in around 50 centers (children’s villages, schools, shelters) in Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

We provide comprehensive support services to our beneficiaries (including nutrition, housing, medical care, and emotional support) and equip them with the tools they need to access the job market: schooling, professional training, scholarships, IT classes, French and English classes…

Today, thanks to generous support from sponsors and donors, we are able to provide comprehensive assistance to around 12,000 children from the most fragile communities.




Our Board of Directors sets the organization’s priority actions, and the Secretary General is in charge of implementing these actions.

At our headquarters in Paris, around 30 volunteers and seven staff members manage our administrative operations. They work in close collaboration with regional correspondents, country directors, and heads of working committees.

Our quarterly magazine “Correspondances” provides detailed information about our programs, the lives of the children we support, our latest missions, and testimonies from our beneficiaries.

Every year, the General Assembly approves our audited annual accounts and proposals for action.

A Chartered Accounting firm certifies our accounts in France (Cabinet SFEC). In 2013, we received the prestigious IDEAS label from the Institute for the Development of Ethics and Action for Solidarity.

Children of Asia was recognized as a public-interest organization by decree on December 10, 2009.

After completing a stringent process with the Ministry of the Interior, and approval from the Council of State and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we received State recognition for our commitment to transparency and our credibility in the field. 




Children of Asia works in collaboration with local partners in the four countries in which we operate. We support, coordinate, and evaluate the impact of the programs we design and develop with, and for, the local population.

This approach ensures that we have a good understanding of the country’s needs, and contributes to the training and empowerment of local partners.

The presence of Children of Asia coordinators in the field, as well as regular visits from our administrators to the countries where we operate ensures quality monitoring and evaluation of how our resources are used.