Our Ambassador Charlotte de Turckheim 

Charlotte de Turckheim has been an honorary sponsor for Children of Asia since 1997. Children of Asia’s programs to support children from slum areas in Cebu City in the Philippines were created at Ms. De Turckheim’s initiative. In slum areas in Cebu, girls often drop out of school early, due to high school-related costs, to take care of household chores, to care for their brothers and sisters, or to help their families with their businesses.  

Nearly 20% of the population, a majority of women, lives in extreme poverty. Due to their lack of education, many teenage girls resort to low-paying service jobs that put them at higher risk of falling prey to violence and prostitution.

At Children of Asia, we strongly believe that education is the key to helping these young women escape poverty. Today, thanks to our many sponsors, Children of Asia is able to support more than 600 children in the Philippines from daycare through to college. Charlotte de Turckheim returned to Cebu City in March 2016 to film a television show about Children of Asia’s programs and action. It was an emotional reunion with the young girls she has supported for over 15 years.

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