Meet Carina & Majen

Meet Carina, an industrial engineering graduate. Carina just graduated last year. Now, she works at an international furniture manufacturing company. The company hired her three weeks after she graduated. Carina now supports her family in their basic financial needs, since her father has no regular employment. She also helps out her siblings in their education by providing them money for college. Carina is thankful for all the help she received from her benefactors through the Children of Asia organization. She encourages student beneficiaries to study hard and stay focused so they can graduate, find a job, and sustain themselves in the future. 


Majen, another former student-beneficiary of Children of Asia, is now a licensed psychometrician. While she was still studying A.B. Psychology, Majen had a part-time job teaching English as a way of helping out her family financially. Right now, she has a full time job at a visa consultancy firm. True, her current job may not be directly related to her degree, but according to her, what's more important is to have a well-paying job that could help sustain her and her family.

Majen is thankful for the help she received from Children of Asia not only in her undergraduate studies but also in her licensure exam and job hunting. In the near future, she plans to take up a Master's degree either in Guidance and Counseling or in Industrial Organizational Psychology. But there's no rush, she says, because right now she enjoys her current job and is making the most of it.

These won't be the last success stories you'll hear from us !

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